The big move

Now I’ve been in Spain for 5 days, I think it’s time to reflect on my journey to get here so far…No, not my metaphorical journey to “find myself” abroad, I mean the literal plane journeys to get here.

Things started out pretty smoothly, Mum and Dad had come through to Glasgow the night before so we could go out for dinner together, so they had kindly offered to drop me at the airport at stupid o’clock in the morning. The first minor inconvenience of the day was when I went to check in my hold luggage from Glasgow all the way through to Seville and discovered it weighed 27kg!!! Needless to say, way over my baggage allowance, so I was handed an excess charge of £65. Dad (thanks again, pal) offered to pay the charge and, wanting to save as much money as possible, I accepted pretty much immediately.

Minor inconvenience number two was discovering that my first flight (Glasgow-Gatwick) was delayed by and hour and fifteen minutes. I normally hate flight delays, but this one meant my layover in Gatwick would only be around 6 hours rather than the 7 and a half it was meant to be, so I was more than happy to get through security and hang around the departure lounge for an extra hour or so. On reflection, maybe not so much of a minor inconvenience after all.

Unfortunately my dreams of getting an extra hour’s sleep were shattered with the arrival of minor inconvenience number three: I managed to lose my boarding pass while going through security. Of course I did. I can’t tell you how it managed to get sucked in under the conveyor belt, but somehow it did. Thankfully there was no problem getting a new one; I went to BA customer services and pretended to cry a little and it was fine. New boarding pass, no problem.

That is, until I got to Gatwick and the officer at the Flight Connection desk couldn’t verify my bag had been checked in all the way to Seville. Cue minor inconvenience number four of the day: being sent down to baggage reclaim to wait for a bag I knew wasn’t going to arrive and then having to go back through security again. The joys.

In all seriousness though, my journey here was relatively easy and my luggage and I both arrived safely. Since then, I’ve been living with one of the teachers from one of my schools who has very kindly offered to put me up for at least the first few weeks, which I really appreciate, and I’ve started to explore my new home for the next nine months. Very excited to see what this year has in store for me.


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