Starting work and exploring the city by night: week three in Sevilla

Another week in Spain, another induction to attend. Not that useful for me as it was very similar to the one in Madrid but at least this time it was in my city and I didn’t get food poisoning (it’s the little things). Aaaaaand I got the chance to meet some of the other auxiliares who will be working in the same pueblo as me this year, and one of them is Scottish and went to school in St Andrews. A certain song springs to mind at this point… After the induction I went to lunch with some of the other Glasgow Uni students who are here on their year abroad through the British Council like me. Even if we weren’t necessarily that close before we left to come to Spain, I cannot express to you how comforting it is to see a familiar face and speak to someone else who is going through the same life changes as you. Plus it’s always nice to get a chance to speak in English after stumbling through the past few weeks in broken Spanglish (okay, a slight exaggeration but you get the point).

Some of the aforementioned lunch: queso de cabra con miel. Thanks to Audrey and Ali for the recommendation.

As well as attending a second induction meeting, I also finally started working this week! Both my schools have been very helpful in the run up to me starting, but I was still a little nervous about introducing myself to well over 200 Spanish schoolkids whose level of English varied wildly. I needn’t have been. The staff in both schools have been absolutely lovely this week and the children are great! Got asked some…eh…interesting questions though: “what’s your favourite kind of rock?”; “how many ears do you have?”; “what side of the road do they drive on in the UK?” (very impressed by this one from a seven year old); as well as the inevitable, stage-whispered to the class teacher, “Miss, how do you say ‘do you have a boyfriend in Spanish?'”. (The answers for those interested: music, two, the left, and no.) After writing this post I need to return to planning my lessons for the week. One day less to plan for though because, in classic Spain fashion, there’s a national holiday this Wednesday. Of course.

Speaking of holidays, this past Friday in Seville was a holiday of sorts: La Noche en Blanco. Basically a bunch of tourist attractions and buildings that wouldn’t otherwise be open to the public are open for free at night. My host and I had arranged to meet with some other work colleagues and do a bit of exploring, so the two of us got in early as I especially wanted to go and see the cathedral and climb La Giralda. So glad I made that decision. The views were fantastic. After La Giralda, we went for some tapas and then saw the inside of the Ayuntamiento and a contemporary art exhibit which I’m sure Mum would have enjoyed a great deal (lol).

Selfie from half-way up La Giralda.

As for this weekend, I went for a bbq with one of my coordinators’ families on Saturday which was lovely. Despite having previously been told that Sevillanos can be quite closed off and difficult to get to know, I’ve so far found the complete opposite to be true: everyone I’ve met has been nothing but kind and welcoming to me. My coordinator’s mother (bless her) who previously lived in Belgium, upon learning I speak French and that my French is significantly better than my Spanish (at least in terms of vocab), spent the rest of the afternoon translating the family’s rapid-fire Spanish into slightly-less-rapid-fire French so I could understand them. And today I went to the first (of hopefully many) writing group session for auxiliares living here this year. Some of my writing (with edits, obvs) even made it into today’s post. Fancy that.

Location for today’s writing group meet up. Such a cool space. Will definitely be coming back again.

Next week Maw and Paw (that’s mum and dad for the non-Scots) are coming to visit for a few days. Very much looking forward to seeing them again and showing them around the city.


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