That time mis padres came to visit: week four in Sevilla

After just over three weeks of living in Spain, I got my first visitors this week: my parents!!

But we’ll get to that part later on. First, I’m going to talk my work as an assistant/teacher both in and out of my schools.

On Tuesday last week I gave my first two classes outside of school! The kids are great but a little shy so I’m on the hunt for fun activities to do with them. They both love sports so I think maybe some activities that get them moving while practicing their English are probably a good shout. After the classes, I had the super fun task of trying to get my way back to Seville from Alcalá de Guadaíra (both where I work and where the private classes were). The first part of the journey was relatively smooth because one of my headteachers picked me up after my classes and dropped me off at the bus stop….at least, that’s what we thought. After waiting for twenty minutes for a bus that was due to arrive after five, I had to ask two lovely old women where the heck I was meant to go. Turns out they changed the location of the bus stop about a month ago and the only way you’d know this was by reading a partially-torn piece of A4 loosely stuck to the new bus stop with sellotape. No indication on the old stop whatsoever. Classic.

It’s kind of difficult to tell, but I think my classes at the schools have been going well too. The boys in my classes (especially in primary 3) have been keen to ask me questions in English – think my favourite question from this week was whether or not I like Caribbean Parrots (turns out he meant Pirates of the Caribbean (bless)). Also had a sassy six year old in another class who was sitting by an open window on a hot day and whose classmates kept bothering him. At one point he said something to the effect of ‘fans are for concerts, go and sit down’. Love it. Think it’s going to be more of a challenge to get the girls to talk to me though which I’m sure is related to socialisation, but I’ll leave my feminist hat off for now.

And on Wednesday my parents arrived!! Because it was a national holiday, I had had the day off work so wasn’t too tired when I went to pick them up from Santa Justa (main train station here in Seville). However, after having travelled in and out of the city centre more in the past five days than I’ve done in the past month, I’m now fairly exhausted! I mostly spent my time with them walking around the city (and testing Mum’s consistently terrible sense of direction) and eating lots of nice food (thanks to my coordinators for their suggestions). 10/10 would recommend eating in La Azotea Santa Cruz, Duo Tapas, and Perro Viejo. Here are some photos from the weekend:

I now need to get back to planning my lessons for the week/recovering from overuse of public transport related exhaustion.


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