A busy week: week seven in Spain

It’s 18 degrees as I’m writing this and I’m wearing tights, a cardigan, and a scarf. I think this is it, guys – I’ve finally acclimatised! Although unfortunately this probably means that when I go home for the holidays I’ll likely freeze. Mum, if you’re reading this, please dig out the extra thick duvet and blankets!!

This week was fairly eventful for me because, as I wrote last time, I arrived back from Málaga on Tuesday afternoon, packed up my things, and moved to my pueblo on Wednesday after work (thanks to my former host for helping me move – I really appreciate it, as there’s no way all my stuff would have fit on the bus here with me! Note to self: figure out how on Earth you’re going to transport all of this back to Glasgow come June). I worked as normal Thursday and Friday and spent the weekend getting to know the area a little (and also went into the city twice, because hey, exhaustion is fun, right?!)

Seriously though, I enjoyed this week despite how packed it was; and it was nice to have a break from travelling too. Not that I don’t love travelling, because I absolutely do, but sometimes you need a wee break to recharge a little and feel human again. I’ve also discovered that there’s a fantastic park very close to where I now live with miles of great trails, so very excited to properly explore that. Glad I brought the trail shoes with me after all!

On Saturday, I met with the other auxiliar who lives here in order to go into the city and visit the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) here in Sevilla. Not the easiest place in the world to get to, let me tell you, but we managed. We also met with a French auxiliar who’s here for the year too, but I didn’t have the guts to try speaking to her in French. Also it’s really much harder than I thought it would be to try and think in French or even construct a basic sentence in French while I’m here in Spain. I’ll need to dig the books out when I’m back home for the holidays or over the summer, because, as a Joint Honours French and Spanish student, I can’t really afford to completely lose my language. Related to losing my ability to speak French, I’m also afraid I’m losing my ability to speak English. No, seriously. The number of times I’ve found myself slipping into Spanglish is unreal.

Anyway, back to the art…I want to say I liked it, but honestly I’m not sure. Don’t know if it’s down to my ignorance of artistic techniques or styles, or if it just didn’t “speak to me”, but hey ho. There were three exhibits open while we were there: “Collecting, Classifying” by various artists, “Initial Recognition” by Lorraine O’Grady, and “Confesión general” by Luis Gordillo. I really liked some of O’Grady’s work, but a lot of the other art was lost on me I’m afraid. I did, however, love the building the gallery was set in. A former monastery, in the 19th century, the buildings were converted into a pottery factory by an English businessman. And then, during the Exhibition of 1992, the Monastery was restored in order to be used again as a cultural centre.

On Sunday morning I let myself sleep in until 9ish and then made the mistake of thinking I could do ~4.5 miles of hilly trail running without breakfast. I managed, but it was very, very slow. Lesson learned for next time. Later on Sunday afternoon, I headed back into the city for the second time in one weekend to meet with the writing group for the first time in weeks! So lovely to see everyone again and catch up with their writing progress. Also good for me to write creatively again after weeks of neglecting it. I really want to try Nanowrimo this year but not sure if I’ll manage it. I know that’s not really the point, but as a perfectionist, it’s kinda hard for me to start and to commit to something if I know that realistically there’s no way I can complete it. However, I think that with the support of the writing group, I should be able to at least give it a go! We’ll see how far I get. Also given I very rarely write fiction, I’m sure it’ll be extra challenging for me, but hey, it’s all part of the fun, right?!

Not sure what the plans for next weekend are yet, but I’m sure you’ll read about them here some time next week.


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