The perks of working with kids

Last week turned out to be one of my busiest (in terms of stuff to-do during the week itself – and that’s with one less private class than normal!!) since I moved to Spain, so naturally this weekend I was pretty exhausted.

After my usual private classes on Tuesday, I had a break for a few hours before going to my first ever language exchange. Little bit of a daunting experience because while I only speak Spanish with my flatmates and obviously need to use Spanish while out and about in my town, I’ve never actually had a properly long conversation in the language. Thankfully I think I managed alright, but my usual problem of ‘oh gosh, what do I say next? what do I ask them about? what if they think I’m really boring?’ is (unsurprisingly) a lot worse when trying to speak in a foreign language. But hey, at least I’m aware it’s an issue I have to work on, right?! We’ll see.

My usual private class on Wednesday was cancelled so I had that afternoon/night off which  made the most of my going for a run despite the fact that it was freezing cold! I think Wednesday was actually colder here than it was back home, so don’t let anyone tell you it never gets cold in Spain: lies. I also saw on the news that some places here have had their first snow in 40 years!! Crazy!! I went for another (very short) run on Thursday night after my private classes. By Friday, I was ready to collapse, but went round to my coordinator’s home for a cup of tea and a chat instead which was lovely.

I started off Saturday morning by preparing some materials for one of my schools. Animal flashcards and that sort of thing. I also went for a longer run around 12 which has made my hip sore again. I think I might have to try and eliminate the hip problem by ditching the trail shoes and just running in road shoes. It’s all a bit trial and error at the moment trying to figure out what’s actually making it sore, but fingers crossed it goes away soon because a half marathon is no joke and realistically I can’t train properly with a dodgy hip. Saturday afternoon was spent lesson planning and finishing Harry Potter in Spanish (gotta get that daily practice in, amirite?!).  I also made some damn tasty bolognese sauce.

On Sunday I planned my private lessons for the week. I’m hoping to get the kids to practice numbers and asking basic questions by teaching them how to play ‘go fish’. I also went for a short walk in the park to make the most of the sunshine (even if it was freezing cold again). Then it was an early lunch (bolognese, of course) before heading into the city for writing group. This week we were in La Señora Pop on Amor de Dios and, oh man, their red velvet cake was so good. However, the coffee was super strong so I felt like I had a wasps’ nest inside my head for about three hours afterwards. Not sure how much the caffeine overdose affected this, but on the walk back to San Bernardo I thought I saw a guy having what looked like a deep and meaningful conversation with a tree. Realistically, he probably had a bluetooth headset in or something, but it definitely looked weird. And in a shocking turn of events, I actually think some of the ideas I came up with this week in writing group weren’t half bad. Maybe not as poetic as everyone else’s, but that’s not the point.

Unfortunately, I woke up today (Monday morning) feeling absolutely rubbish. Think I’ve come down with a cold/flu again. Sore throat, sore ears, achey limbs, headache, and alternatively hot then freezing. I’m really hoping it’s one of those one-day bugs that goes away soon. Going to try and hunt down some lemon and ginger tea and tins of soup in Mercadona today and hope they help. The perks of working with kids, right?! I just love being permanently ill.


2 thoughts on “The perks of working with kids

  1. Even working at a university I don’t seem to be immune to all the colds going round! People definitely downplay the cold on the continent – it felt so warm in England over Christmas compared to Lyon (it’s been hovering between -7 and -5 most mornings and rarely rising above zero during the day). Hope you feel better soon 🙂


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