A day trip to Córdoba

Guess whose family have come out to Spain to visit her twice on her year abroad?! This gal!

After arriving back from Madrid mid-Monday afternoon fairly exhausted I had little time to rest because my mum, dad, and sister were coming to see me on the Tuesday and staying until the following Monday. Unfortunately, because this was still a normal working week, I had to go to school as always and only went in to the city to see them once during the week. But this post isn’t about their whole week here, rather the day trip we all took to Córdoba on the Saturday. Now, I’d already been to Córdoba back in the mists of time October, but when I’d been before it absolutely chucked it down, so I definitely didn’t get to see the best side of the city. However, now I’ve been back again, I can say without a doubt that I prefer it to Sevilla (oops). I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but it’s certainly a lot smaller than the capital of Andalucía and, for me at least, has more charm.

Because my family are on the ball, we’d pre-booked our train tickets in advance which meant we didn’t have to stress about whether or not we’d actually be able to get there on the day. Unfortunately, my family are so on the ball that the tickets we’d booked left from Santa Justa just after 9 in the morning. The apartment we were staying in over the weekend was in Alameda. And while it’s not  the longest walk in the world (only around twenty minutes or so), when it’s that early in the morning and you’re still somewhat sleep-deprived from the previous weekend’s escapades, you definitely feel it.

Following possibly the smoothest train ride in the world (thanks again to my best pal renfe), we made it to Córdoba around 10am and took a walk through the Jardines de la Victoria to the old town. Now, as we had plans to go for lunch with some of our family later that afternoon, we only had about 2 or 3 hours at this point to explore the city before meeting them and, naturally, the first priority was taking full advantage of the Spanish second breakfast. We found a cute little cafe in the old town and promptly ordered pastries, tortilla, and our second coffees of the day (the first having been consumed during breakfast number one back in the apartment). Following that Maw and Paw wanted to visit the Mezquita, but for some reason (probably related to Semana Santa or something) it was closed between 10 and 12:30, so we couldn’t go in the morning. Instead, we wandered the old town taking photos, enjoyed two young Spanish guys playing some Celtic music on the Roman Bridge, and wandered over to the Real Alcázar to tick that off the to-do list.

In the gardens of the Real Alcázar, feat. awkward photo legs

Our timing was almost perfect, because when we came out of the Alcázar at 1ish, we had fifteen minutes to walk back over to the Mezquita to meet our family. What followed was a lovely three hours of catching up and delicious food at El Churrasco. Mum had complained about the lack of vegetables she’d had that week (lol), so my Dad’s cousin-in-law (the one who’s actually from the city) did a very good job of ordering lots of tasty veggie tapas for us: grilled lettuces, a broad bean dish, poor man’s potatoes, mushrooms, fried aubergines, and, that Córdoba classic, salmorejo. But little did we know that was just for starters…the main meal was yet to come: three massive plates of grilled meats, two of pork and one of ox. All completely delicious. And because we were feeling especially greedy that day we all had dessert too. Yum.

After saying goodbye to our family after a fantastic lunch, we decided to try again at the Mezquita and this time we actually made it in! Not sure how much my sister enjoyed it (sorry pal), but I loved it! While I enjoyed seeing it last time, with the lights off and less than half an hour inside I couldn’t see it all, and what I did see was massively rushed. Thankfully, this time there were no such time constraints and I was able to spend as much time as I wanted inside and really appreciate my time there. If you’ve never been, I can’t recommend a visit highly enough. It’s really quite special.

I should re-name this blog ‘poorly lit photos of nice architecture’…

We got back to Sevilla around 8pm where we promptly all collapsed in a heap, still very full from lunch and tired out from walking around all day in the heat. If I get the chance (read: have the money), I’d love to go back to Córdoba again before I leave and visit some of the patios once they open, so watch this space…



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